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    Date: Wednesday April 10, 2024
    Start Time: 10:00 AM local Germany time
    Where: Nuremberg Messe, NCC Mitte, Munchen 2
    Duration: Three hours

    Attend this three-hour training session and walk away with the latest hardware and software to serve as the foundation of your Edge AI application development. Work with AI-native compute solutions and be among the first developers to use the Synaptics Astra™ Developer Kit, which offers you a chance to get ahead of the curve in a classroom environment. You’ll be trained on the tools that enable real-world AI capabilities to be deployed on your IoT solutions.

    By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand that developing and working with AI-enable machine vision applications do not have to be overly complex. The workshop will focus on inferencing using SyNAP™, a proven and secure neural network development and optimization framework that is foundational to Synaptics Astra, the AI-native compute platform for the IoT.

    Sponsored by Synaptics, each attendee will receive a Synaptics Astra™ Developer Kit to keep, along with all the associated software, libraries, and algorithms, and live hands-on training that’s required to implement an AI use-case (total value of hardware and software is approximately $2000).

    Cost to attend: $30US (approximately 27 Euros)

    Tentative workshop agenda:

    1. Introduction
             a. Workshop goals
             b. Introduction: Synaptics Astra Platform
    2. Getting to know your hardware and software
             a. The Astra Developer Kit and System-on-Chip
             b. Embedded Software and GitHub repos
    3. SyNap Edge AI framework with selected use cases
    4. Break
    5. Hands-on development time
             a. Inferencing demos with pre-installed models
             b. Working with SyNAP on vision-based models
                  i. Model conversion
                  ii. CLI to run model
                  iii. Visualize results
    6. Q&A, Next Steps
    7. Wrap-up

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    Open to developers on a first come, first served basis, up to 40 registrants. We have the right to refuse participation after registration and payment is received and a credit will be given.
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