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    Please note: This session is part of our IoT Device Security Virtual Conference. Learn more and register for the full event here.

    When it comes to balancing the security of your IoT devices with the need to enable your DevOps team to manage and maintain your fleet, have you ever thought about how great it would be to be able to connect to an already deployed device in the field and securely run a remote debugging session on it?

    Imagine being able to halt the processor of a production device that is experiencing the actual customer issue; read registers, change variables, perform a stack backtrace; find out what is going wrong, then roll out a software fix – but not just to this single device, but your entire fleet if needed – all from the comfort of your “work from home” desk.

    Join us as we Single Step you through what it took us to build this world first secure remote GDB debugging experience over a cellular or Wi-Fi connection to an Arm based MCU running at the edge.

    We will explain how this was achieved through use of the Arm Trustzone hardware to provide, amongst other things:

    • Secure separation of the application firmware environment from the connectivity and IP stack

    • A secure tunnel for GDB debug commands enabling you to stop, restart, single step and remotely

    • Debug a real device in the field entirely remotely, with end-to-end encryption

    Participants will be able to sign up to receive access to our implementation for hands-on trials.
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