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    There are numerous benefits for modern development teams to migrating from the QNX real time operating system (RTOS) to Wind River VxWorks – the world’s most widely deployed RTOS – renowned for its reliability and scalability, and the first and only RTOS to support OCI container technology as well as a full DevSecOps solution with Wind River Studio.

    Join us for an insightful webinar where we explore the case for migration, key considerations and the world beyond migration – with Wind River supporting you at every step of the way. Our expert speakers will discuss technical insights, and case studies to help you navigate this migration journey effectively. Whether you're an embedded systems engineer, project manager, or decision maker, this webinar will equip you with practical knowledge and strategies to ensure a successful migration and maximize the performance of your embedded applications

    Key Topics:

    • Overview of Wind River VxWorks capabilities and advantages
    • Comparison of QNX and VxWorks features and architecture
    • Step-by-step migration strategies and methodologies
    • Real-world case studies and success stories
    • Q&A session with our migration experts

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