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    The ever-increasing number of connected devices around us introduces significant security challenges. Connecting billions of devices in markets such as industrial IoT, automotive, critical infrastructure, data center, and smart home can only be done securely if every device has some form of dedicated hardware for protecting sensitive data and securing communications. How can this be achieved in a way that scales with the most advanced technology nodes without becoming cost-prohibitive?

    The answer lies with Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology as provider of unique and unclonable silicon fingerprints. By generating secure cryptographic keys based on device-unique variations within the silicon of the chip itself, the Synopsys PUF IP adds a new level of protection to the embedded tRoot Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs). With Synopsys PUF IP, the root key is never stored and is only available in volatile memory when needed. This means that the root key is never present in persistent memory – even when the chip is powered down – which raises the security significantly and makes the solution very effective against invasive attacks and counterfeiting.

    This talk will explain how Synopsys PUF IP provides a cost-effective and scalable anchor in hardware that raises the security level of root of trust solutions like tRoot HSMs. In this webinar, you will learn:

    • The fundamentals and benefits of Synopsys PUF IP
    • How Synopsys PUF IP allows you to scale your security architecture to the most advanced nodes
    • The fundamentals of Synopsys tRoot HSM
    • How PUF IP integrated with tRoot HSM provides a complete security solution for protecting SoCs, their data, and communications
    • Example use cases

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