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    Rich, colorful product displays enable access to features and functionality in a host of everyday devices. Beautiful displays are a brand-differentiator in the car, the kitchen, the laundry room, the gym and beyond. These embedded displays and touch screens inform and empower users to interact with their devices to make their lives better, smarter and simpler.

    Building these graphical displays requires a multi-disciplined team with a variety of goals and interests. Designers create gorgeous, branded graphics to represent the ideal version of the product. Software engineers are tasked with accurately translating requirements to precise visuals and behaviors on hardware. As deadlines loom and development costs creep up, the carefully crafted artistic vision for the product shifts or is abandoned due to a variety of constraints related to hardware, software, team expertise and deadlines. The final embedded graphical user interface (GUI) runs slowly, arrives late and is a disappointment to the team and users alike.

    Join the webinar, “Lessons for Turning Your Design Team’s Vision into a Production Embedded Device,” to learn how companies across industries leverage the right software and workflow to deliver rich, top-performing GUIs for their production devices—efficiently and successfully.

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