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    In light of the "Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity" signed May 2021, and government technology planners looking to leverage more cloud architectures and IoT technologies, securing the services that involve the cloud has become critical. The Government’s trusted supply chain efforts have been built around ensuring trust at both the hardware and software levels to provide effective anti-tamper and cybersecurity defenses. Establishing a foundation of trusted devices requires multiple steps across a large ecosystem, which may include the chip manufacturer, system integrator, software provider, and the cloud service providers. Combined with the need for securing and trusting billions of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, and across a disparate supply chain and ecosystem, the challenge becomes even more formidable. How can you:

    • Secure the full acquisition cycle from procurement through build cycles in the supply chain and ultimately for deployment and field maintenance operations

    • Enable cyber-resiliency with detection, protection, response, and recovery capabilities from malware attacks

    • Adopt and utilized open architecture and standards

    • Leverage extensible architectures to meet specific needs of programs

    In this Micron webcast, industry luminaries will discuss these challenges and:

    • Examine the requirements for secure deployment of IoT services within Government and DoD architectures

    • Highlight new advances in technology, based on the use of standard flash memory built with integrated secure element functions and identities

    • Demonstrate how leveraging the very pervasive presence of flash enables a whole new “zero-touch” manufacturing paradigm, wherein any device can be made to work securely with a public or private cloud service

    • Demonstrate how trusted entities – with U.S.-based fabs – enable trusted services
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