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    The current geopolitical stage and expansion of commercially deployed satellites are increasing the demand to reduce lead time for high-reliability power supplies, while managing the technical risk and meeting the cost target. With increasing supply-chain pressures, system designers face the difficult decision of using a tailored power solution vs. existing power supply designs. Inherently, this decision comes with trade-offs such as compromise on key parameters including size, mass and power efficiency in order to meet the critical time-to-market requirements and the risks on technical performance and development time associated with a tailored solution.

    In this webinar, industry experts in Hi-Rel power electronics design, packaging, testing, and qualification of Hybrid and Space-Grade PCB DC-DC power supplies, will provide the latest options and best practices in realizing the optimal power supplies for today’s high-reliability applications. Topics include defining power requirements, redundancy schemes, protection features, sequencing of voltages, EMI performance, payload architectures, thermal and mechanical design.

    During this webinar we will cover the considerations and supplier deliverables required for both hybrid and PCB power supplies to be deployed in hi-rel space applications, and provide insight into the challenges, along with guidance on how to avoid the risks that could delay or increase the costs of the program.  We will highlight key processes and methodologies, including the comprehensive testing and documentation required for design justification; fully defining power supply requirements to ensure resources and materials needed for lead time fulfillment.  Attendees and viewers will gain deep insight into the considerations and latest best practices utilized to maximize the value and performance of power supply electronics for high-reliability systems.

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