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    The rapid growth of data is greatly increasing the opportunity for smart manufacturing, but today close to 99% of data goes unanalyzed because organizations either don’t know where to start or find the data quality so poor that it would take more cleansing up front than it’s worth. Most data is “perishable”, meaning it’s no longer really useful if it isn’t acted upon in the moment. This is part of the reason why there’s so much conversation about edge computing right now.

    In this talk, we will unpack the fundamental considerations for building edge computing solutions that drive increased visibility, efficiency, quality, safety and customer satisfaction while lowering overall costs. This includes key architectural considerations, how to deal with complex stakeholder dynamics, and more.

    We will close by touching on a few emerging trends such as trust fabrics built on open edge infrastructure that will enable manufacturers with better supply chain confidence and facilitate entirely new business models and customer experiences through interconnected ecosystems.
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